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I laughed so hard. It’s so in sync with the song.


I actually cried laughing.


this video this video is incredible


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cake gifs

are you fuckin kiddin me like what kinda people just captions this ‘cake gifs’ and walks away this shit fucking put a spell on me i was unable to look away it was wild start to fucking finish that looks like REAL CAKE it looks like i can reach out and have me some god damn cake. damn son

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Send me a “♣” and I’ll make a GIF set of our characters to a random AU scenario!

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     +   meme

My character falls asleep on yours. What does yours do?

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absconditusmagia said: {Magic yo. Nah, we just leave the door unlocked and see who comes in c:}

If I weren’t the type of person to be scared of kidnappers walking in the door, I’d probably do that.

Creativity doesn’t come easy for me, man.

Because I’m a really huge perfectionist about this kind of thing. The way my mind works is that, if it doesn’t have a reason for happening, then it bothers me. When in reality not everything has to have a reason. Some things just happen. Some things just are.

But I have to physically force myself to remember that. Like I have to force myself to chill out and let things be there just to be there.

It doesn’t always work in my favor in such regards.

But I like trying anyway.

To be honest, the two hardest things about being an OC are avoiding becoming a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu and not being a copy of another character. 

I used to have a really big problem with the first one, and for awhile Piper was basically just Dean all over again. I’ve had to groom and edit her character quite a lot as I’ve learned more, gotten better at roleplaying, and found my way specifically on tumblr.

I still think there’s something more difficult about potraying a canon character versus an OC though because it’s one thing tapping into someone else’s muse and getting a different result, and another to shape one of your own. Something that’s irritating though is that as a female character, it’s a lot more difficult to be taken seriously as anything other than a self-insert or shipper than it is to be a male muse. 

But Nick is, basically, an OC with as much as you’ve done with him c: Wouldn’t like him nearly as much as I do if it weren’t for you, really.

Also the danger of leaving the door unlocked is that psychos have a habit of showing up, and is how one ends up with multiple muses.

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To lose someone you love is to alter your life forever. You don’t get over it because ‘it’ is the person you loved. The pain stops, there are new people, but the gap never closes. How could it? The particularness of someone who mattered enough to grieve over is not erased by anyone but death. This hole in my heart is in the shape of you and no one else can fit. Why would I want them to? 
- Jeanette Winterson, Written on the Body (via simply-quotes)
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Hey! Did you know:

  • sex is okay
  • so is masturbation
  • watching porn won’t make you impure
  • one night stands are okay too
  • having sex with multiple people doesn’t make you a slut
  • even 3-somes or group sex and orgies are a-okay
  • sex with the same gender is alright
  • not having sex doesn’t make you a prude
  • your body your choice no matter your gender
  • shaming other people for who they have sex with, how much they have sex, and even their kinks make you NOT okay!
You do care. You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it. 
- J.K. Rowling (via hellmxrked)
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Ella Enchanted Sentence Meme

  • "Our hero had no choice."
  • "I gotta work on that."
  • "She gives the worst gifts!"
  • "Now, where's the baby?"
  • "I give you the gift of obedience!"
  • "Take it back!"
  • "And if you're going to be ungrateful, I can always turn her into a squirrel."
  • "I always knew something was wrong with me."
  • "It's not fair."
  • "You must never tell anyone else."
  • "I don't want anyone using it against you."
  • "What's inside you is stronger than any spell."
  • "No, I said a man's home is his castle."
  • "So? He's dreamy!"
  • "My tongue itches."
  • "What's not to trust?"
  • "Are you a fast runner?"
  • "I don't need your chivalry, thanks."
  • "Why don't you do what your people usually do? Take my land and destroy my livelihood."
  • "I'll try to be more considerate next time I'm saving you!"
  • "What makes you think we'll see each other again?"
  • "You've been acting a bit odd, even for you."
  • "Maybe they were put up to it."
  • "I've done terrible things before, but this is the worst thing the curse has ever made me do."
  • "This book is my boyfriend."
  • "Who's this who thinks she's so tough?"
  • "I'm practiced in the ancient art of...origami."
  • "I would love to have dinner with you."
  • "I wanna be a lawyer."
  • "Because for a minute, I thought I was going crazy."
  • "They think we're a joke."
  • "Why? Cause he's a hunk?"
  • "Keep your mouth shut and don't move."
  • "Let him/her go!"
  • "Do you get a kick out of near-death experiences?"
  • "I'm kidding."
  • "Nobody should be forced to do things they don't want to do."
  • "I'm thinking I should come back when there's a little less drinking."
  • "I guess one more night couldn't hurt."
  • "I can't tell you what that would mean to me!"
  • "They say I got a lot of water in my brain."
  • "You're much prettier than I expected."
  • "Now I know what name to put on the restraining order."
  • "I wish I had brothers and sisters."
  • "Is that almost a compliment?"
  • "Kiss me."
  • "I'm not that short!"
  • "You could have been killed!"
  • "I'm going to ask her to marry me."
  • "Get off me!"
  • "Evil plans, remember?"
  • "You will take this dagger, plunge it through their heart, and kill them."
  • "I want to be king."
  • "We can't be together."
  • "You are one freaky chick."
  • "Would you care to dance."
  • "I'm about to do something horrible to someone I really like and might even love."
  • "Did I chain your butt to this tree, huh?"
  • "I just want to talk about us."
  • "Please tell me you never want to see me again!"
  • "Then why did you write me that letter?"
  • "And then you came along."
  • "I wish I could tell you everything."
  • "You wrote me a letter that ripped my heart out."
  • "Will you marry me?"
  • "What's important is what's in our hearts."
  • "They'll have to put to death immediately."
  • "They were just toying with your emotions."
  • "We have to find a way to get past those guards."
  • "I could kiss you!"
  • "Open this door before a sue you for everything you own!"
  • "Put the nice man down."
  • "I can't believe I'm saving you after you tried to kill me!"
  • "I should have disposed of you when I had the chance."
  • "Marry me?"
  • "Don't go breaking my heart."
  • "I gave you my heart."
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Send ✉ for an 2 AM text

Send ✘ for an unsent text

Send ☠ for a threatening message

Send ❤ for a lusty/loving/affectionate message

Send ♣ for a drunk message

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